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Strategic Planning

During the 2018-2019 school year, Infinity Online retained educational consultant group, unTapped, Inc. to facilitate the stakeholder engagement process to inform and guide Infinity’s reflective self-study. 

The intent of the self-study was to ensure the Infinity Online program is aligned with iNACOL quality program standards, focused on continuous improvement, and representative of excellence in online learning. 
The self-study team included elected regional representatives from member districts that comprise the Infinity Online Executive Council. 

Relevant stakeholders were then identified to survey, including current and past students, parents of students who have taken or are currently taking online courses, online instructors, school counselors, principals, and superintendents.

Stakeholder surveys were conducted and included for review along with completion rates data, course needs analysis, and member district input; data which was used to inform, guide and define goal setting and operational planning.

Roundtable discussions were also conducted with a small group of representative students, parents, and counselors invited to participate.   During the roundtable discussions, specific questions were shared with the group; eliciting further input and clarified feedback

The Infinity Online Executive Council then analyzed the data gathered through the stakeholder input process, utilizing the iNacol Quality Program standards as outlined by the Minnesota Department of Education, to develop Infinity Online’s strategic focus, priorities, and goals for 2019-2021.

Focus, Priorities, and Action Plan




Institutional Strengthen relationships with individual school district to foster dialogue about online program governance and opportunities for participation Conduct one in-person visit to each member district
(meet with superintendent, principal, and counselor)
15 districts in 2019-2020 school year;
15 districts in 2020-2021 school year
  Improve visibility and awareness of program goals and progress with member districts Host online stakeholder meeting annually
(make recording available for those unable to attend)
1 annual meeting in 2019-2020;
1 annual meeting in 2019-2020
Teaching and Learning Improve reporting structure identifying Minnesota K-12 standards as they are applied within each course Work with Desire2Learn to improve standards report to allow for dynamic updates and provide access to standards report for instructors
August 2020
  Expand concurrent and elective opportunities for students
Develop one new concurrent course
Develop three new unique elective courses
(1) August 2020
(1) August 2020
(2) August 2021
  Explore new professional development opportunities for teachers
Develop two professional development modules for member district instructors
(1) August 2020
(1) August 2021
  Explore innovative learning initiatives to be delivered at the local school district.
Develop (1) 9th grade introduction to online learning module
Develop (1) introductory technology exploration module
(1) August 2020
(1) August 2021
Support Educate member districts on program requirements to improve overall student support.
Develop member district resource kit for guidance counselors (1) August 2021
  Educate member districts on program requirements to improve overall student support. Host online guidance counselor meeting annually
(make recording available for those unable to attend)
(1) August 2020
(1) August 2021
  Improve response time for support inquiries Investigate 3rd party support options to provide online chat capabilities from website
(1) August 2020
Evaluation Review evaluation processes to ensure policies and procedures are reflective of current practice
Review and update policy manual August 2021