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Strategic Planning

Infinity Online conducts a stakeholder meeting every three years.  Infinity conducted its last stakeholder meeting on March 5, 2015. The purpose of the Stakeholder Meeting is to clarify future strategic direction and to set priorities to be used in refining the strategic action plan.

The stakeholder meeting included counselors, principals, superintendents, and instructors from member districts.   Annual student surveys were conducted and included for review along with completion rates data, course needs analysis, and member district input; data which was used to inform, guide and define goal setting and operational planning.

After reviewing historical data and program initiatives, focus switched to the tenants upon which Infinity was formed, the collaborative vision, governing structure, membership, capacity, utilization and financial/operational framework.

Consensus was clear that there is value in being a member of the Infinity collaborative. Nine key areas were identified as being important and valuable to being a member (Belief Statements):

Input was gathered from attendees regarding specific strategies Infinity should focus on over the next three years.

Six core areas were identified: Communication, Training, Courses, Flexible Enrollment, Blended Learning, and Equity. Within each core area, specific drivers were identified and priorities were voted upon.

The Infinity Online Executive Council then analyzed the data gathered through the stakeholder input process regarding membership value and strategic partnerships and district needs to develop specific goals, priorities, and an action plan going forward.

2017-2019 Goals & Objectives

PRIORITY:  Curriculum
Expand CIS Course offerings that are part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Add new elective offerings that could lead to additional certifications/pathways.


PRIORITY:  Training
Promote outreach to member districts to identify  and train new qualified teaching candidates                

PRIORITY:  Communication
Increase social media presence and improve website interactivity

Continue to improve member satisfaction through increased outreach and education (newsletters, site visits, surveys)

Advocate for INFINITY with other school districts
Develop legislative talking points reference card for superintendents

PRIORITY:  Sustainability
Continue to define sustainable model and maintain a positive fund balance
Annual Curricular Specific Goals
Annual Curricular Specific Goals are also established by the Infinity Online teaching staff, during Annual Workshop days, based upon the annual data generated through Student Engagement Surveys, Completion Data, Growth Data, as well as End of Course Data and then evaluated at the end of the each year.  The goal is to continually adjust, grow, and reach each year.

 2018 Goals:
  1. Increase level of satisfaction in teacher to student interaction/communication (agree or strongly agree) to 85%.
    Strategy: Implement a personal video note to the news item a minimum of once a month.
  2. To increase sharing of Best Practice strategies, instructors will peer review two courses within the 2016-2017 school year.   
    Strategy: Peer review one within their own department and one outside of the department. Instructors will complete a peer review observation to be shared with the corresponding teacher.  Instructors will complete a peer review reflection based upon the review of their own course.