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Funding Options

Online Learning Funding: Enrollment Type

  • School year courses are free to Minnesota students and are state funded, under most circumstances. 
  • Summer courses are primarily tuition-based, unless student and local school district have an alternative agreement.
 Contact your counselor or INFINITY for specific information.

A.) Replacing a Course Within the School Day?
  • State funded for public school student: Supplemental (SU)
  • When completing your registration, you would choose "SU: I am a public School student and this course work will substitute for a class period in my regular schedule.
B.) Tuition Required for All Others  (courses in addition to a full course load; summer courses)
  • Member District students: $395 per .5 credit (semester credit).
    (Note: Member districts pay an annual fee that allows their students to qualify for a lower tuition rate, even if paying for the credit themselves.)
  • Non-Member District students will be billed the current MDE ADM amount for each course enrollment: $603.94 per .5 credit (2022-2023 MDE ADM Rate).
  • When completing your registration, you would choose "TU: This course work is being taken in addition to a full load at School and I agree to pay the tuition.