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Infinity Online, a state certified online provider, offers supplemental online courses to high school students throughout Minnesota, through a semester based program.  Infinity Online courses are flexible, engaging, and challenging; offering a wide variety of core, elective and advanced options.  
  Why take an Infinity class?
  To take a class not available at my local high school To gain flexibility in my school schedule To try a new learning experience Unable to attend school full time Recover credits


Fall Semester 2024


Spring Semester 2025

Course Information:
  • 2024-2025 Course Catalog with Descriptions
  • Course Syllabus.  Click on the course listing to see individual course syllabi.
  • College Credit Options.  Classes with (CIS) after are available as both High School and Concurrent College Credit courses (see College Credit link at left for more info).
  • Full Year Courses.  Courses that have both A/B are full year courses (1.0 credit); segment A (.5 credit) is offered in the Fall,  segment B (.5 credit) is offered in the Spring
  • All other courses are .5 credit, one semester courses and are designated with  a segment A for either semester they are offered.
NOTE: students and counselors from member districts needing a flexible option (or different segment for a full year course) other than semester based should contact the INFINITY office.