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INFINITY is . . .

  • An online program offering a broad selection of high quality, online courses designed to meet a variety of student needs.
  • A state certified online program for students throughout Minnesota.
  • A free, part-time, non-diploma based program for students in grades 9—12.
  • An online program offering courses for students looking for flexible course scheduling, advanced placement options, credit recovery or an alternative learning environment.


INFINITY Online: Minnesota schools collaborating to provide innovative educational opportunities through online courses, high quality professional development in online instruction, and flexible support for blended learning initiatives.


  1. We believe students are best served through their local district.
  2. We believe working cooperatively, through mutual trust and integration, adds strength to our educational system.
  3. We believe all students, regardless of geography or circumstance, deserve equitable access to a first-class education.
  4. We believe in the quality of our staff and the richness and rigor of our program.
  5. We believe in providing and supporting educational programming opportunities to efficiently use district resources to effectively educate students.
  6. We believe in the commitment to personal attention for each and every student.
  7. We believe in adapting and responding to the increasingly diverse educational needs of students.
  8. We believe in open lines of communication and transparency of operation.
  9. We believe we must be financially efficient and stable.


Governing Board Members:
Region 3:
Susan Lange, New London-Spicer School Board Member
Will Welch, Stewartville School Board Member

Region 5:
Jill Decent, Crosby-Ironton School Board Member
Chris Cunningham, Pine River-Backus School Board Member

Region 6:
Steph Ferrin, Barnum School Board Member
TBD, Holdingford School Board Member

Region 7:
Leanaya Miller, Floodwood School Board Member
Mark Meyer, Hill City School Board Member

Region 8:
Patti Anderson, Marshall County Central School Board Member
Crisa Mortenson, Kittson School Board Member
Executive Council Members:
Region 3:
Bill Adams, New London-Spicer Superintendent
Belinda Selfors, Stewartville Superintendent

Region 5:
Jamie Skjeveland, Crosby-Ironton Superintendent
Jon Clark, Pine River-Backus Superintendent

Region 6: 
Mike McNulty, Barnum Superintendent
Hannah Carlson, Holdingford Counselor

Region 7:
Rae Villebrun, Floodwood, Superintendent
Pat Rendle, Hill City Superintendent

Region 8:
Kari Anderson Marshall County Central Counselor
Bob Jaszczak, Kittson Superintendent


Executive Council Meetings: (9 a.m. - 11 a.m.)
  • August, November, February, April
All Executive Council meetings are open to the public. Council meetings are held remotely via video conference.  Meeting minutes are available upon request. Contact the INFINITY Office for more information.

Governing Board Meetings:
  • December, June - 3 p.m.; Online Video Meeting
All Governing Board meetings are open to the public. Board meetings are also held remotely via video conference. Meeting minutes are available upon request. Contact the INFINITY Office for more information.

Meeting Location:
  • Murphy School Building, 822 NE 5th Ave, Grand Rapids, MN 55744.