Infinity Online, a state certified online provider, is a free, part-time, non-diploma based program providing a broad selection of high quality, online courses to Minnesota students in grades 9-12.

Working collaboratively with the local school district, students are able to take online classes without leaving their home districts, teachers, and friends who make up the school experience.

Students who enroll in Infinity courses do so for a variety of reasons:  to solve scheduling conflicts, to explore different learning environments, to recover credit(s), to expand their elective opportunities, or to provide advanced coursework options.

Infinity Online is a collaborative effort of 30+ districts. In keeping with our drive to create online opportunities for all students in Minnesota, INFINITY continues to partner with districts who share our vision.

Member districts are involved in determining course offerings, providing future direction for the program, work closely with Infinity staff to support students, and receive discounted tuition for all student enrollments.

It is this collaborative vision of students, local districts, online teachers, and parents all working together that has helped 90% of students successfully complete their course!

Note: Students from non-member districts may also take online courses through the INFINITY Online program. For more information, please contact the Infinity Online office.


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