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Are you ready to be an online learner?  To register for a class:
Enrolling in an INFINITY course is a straightforward process which students and parents can do on their own, although we strongly encourage you to work with your school guidance counselor, as he/she can help facilitate and streamline the process as well as offer guidance regarding needed courses and credits and the likelihood of success for individual students. 



Step 1:   (All)

Students and their parents must review the following INFINITY policies which outline the expectations of online learning: Review the course catalog to read the course description of the course(s) you are considering. 
Access to all course syllabi can be found here.

Step 2: (Students)

To access the registration system, you will use your Infinity Online Microsoft account.  You use this account to login to your Infinity Online email (Outlook), register for classes, track the status of your course requests, and login to your classes in Desire2Learn.

Important:  Do NOT create more than one account (even with a different email address).  If you are unsure what to do or are having difficulty logging in, contact the helpdesk at 800-624-4072, ext. 8001.
  • If you do not have an Infinity Online Microsoft account, you will need to create one.  This is a one time setup process.   Once you input your first and last name and school email, the system will send you an email that will allow you to finish the account setup and registration process.  Click here to create an account.  
  • If you already have an Infinity Online Microsoft account, you can simply click here to login and access the registration application to add, drop or modify an existing course request OR to check the status of a pending course request.  You will access the registration application using your secure Microsoft credentials (your mninfinity.org email address/password).   Note:  your username will always be firstname.lastname@mninfinity.org to login to registration and courses.  Your password is encrypted and known only to you.  If you do not know your password and are unable to reset, please call the helpdesk at 800-624-4072, ext. 8001.
Step by step instructions can be found here!
  • If you have already registered for classes, you can view the status in the “My Class List” option
  • If you have not yet registered for classes, you can choose the “Add a Class” option
  • Once your parent and counselor have approved your course requests you will be sent a "Getting Started" email with instructions on how to access your classes in Desire2Learn.
  • CIS STUDENTS:  Additional registration steps required for college credit courses - click here!

Step 3:  (Parents)

  • Parent/guardian will receive an email notification of their students intent to enroll and instructions on how to affirm the student's course requests. Step by step instructions can be found here!
  • Note: Parents wishing to audit their student's online course must request access to monitor.  Please call the Infinity office (800-624-4072, ext. 8001) if you would like this setup.

Step 4:   (Schools)

  • Counselor will receive an email notification of a student in their district who intends to enroll in an online course and instructions on how to verify specific student profile information (MARSS number, IEP, etc.;) and courses being requested. Step by step counselor instructions can be found here!

Step 5:  

  • After the requested course(s) are affirmed online by the parent and verified online by the counselor, INFINITY Online will enroll the student in the course. 
  • Prior to the start of the online term, students will receive an email communication with instructions on how to get started with the online orientation seminar. 
  • Successful completion of this seminar is required prior to the beginning of the online semester.  Students will be unable to access their online course until this seminar is completed.