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General policies and procedures for students taking an Infinity Online course.

Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for the content and academic integrity of any work they submit. Actions violating academic integrity include falsifying the results of one's research; presenting ideas, data, or work of another as your own; or cheating on an examination. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action and may jeopardize the student’s continuation in the course and any award of academic credit.

Academic Support

If students require additional academic support, the local member district and INFINITY work together to assist the student in reaching their goals.

Acceptable Use

All students participating in online courses are expected to conduct their communications in a professional, respectful manner. The use of proper Internet etiquette is expected at all times. Inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated.

ADA Compliance

Local district mentor and/or qualified student with disabilities needing appropriate adjustments should contact the INFINITY program before enrolling in an online course to ensure needs are met in a timely manner.


Attendance will be tracked through the online student management system. Attendance will incorporate completion of course requirements, participation in online chats, discussions, and interactions with instructor and other students. Students are encouraged to login daily and must show adequate progress on a weekly basis.


INFINITY Online courses encompass a wide variety of offerings in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health and Personal Fitness, and Electives.

Each course features interactive modules meeting Minnesota State Standards. Course activities may include multimedia  demonstrations, virtual and at-home labs, practice problems, checking for understanding interactive, quizzes and exams, written response and essays, class discussions, and research projects.

Each half credit, semester-based course equals .5 Carnegie Units (approximately an hour a day, five days per week, for 16 weeks). Students access courses via INFINITY’s online learning environment, needing just a laptop and an internet connection to participate.  INFINITY’s course management system is a password-protected server providing a secure learning environment.

College Credit Courses

College credit may be earned for certain courses. Concurrent credit forms can be found on the INFINITY website. These forms, along with copies of transcript and qualifying criteria, must be submitted at the time of requesting enrollment in a course.

Check with your local counselor for more information.


All INFINITY instructors are Minnesota licensed instructors, certified to teach in their course discipline. INFINITY instructors, hired from member school districts, are required to complete an in-depth course in the facilitation of online learning prior to beginning online instruction.

All instructors keep both structured and unstructured virtual office hours (using email, pager, phone, chat session, and discussion boards) providing multiple opportunities to interact.

Instructors will respond to student inquiries within 24 hours and grade most assignments within 48 hours. In fact, most instructors log on multiple times per day to respond promptly to student questions.

Learning Materials

Most learning materials are provided online. However, there are certain courses that require additional materials, which will be provided by the local member district. Local district staff will assist students in obtaining these materials, if applicable.

Orientation Seminar

Once an online registration has has been accepted, students will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get logged in and started on the orientation. 

All students are required to complete the online student orientation course prior to accessing their scheduled online course. 

Parents and Online Mentors

Monitoring accounts (for parents, counselors, online mentors) can be requested to add real-time visibility into each student’s academic status, using INFINITY’s course management system.  Contact the INFINITY Office if you are interested.

A local district appointed online mentor will be assigned to assist in the coordination and support of local district online students, according to MDE guidelines.

Statement of Assurances

Students and their parents are required to read and understand the Acceptable Use, Academic Integrity, and Attendance policies (these can be found on the INFINITY website at www.mninfinity.org).  By enrolling, the student agrees to abide by these policies while taking an INFINITY online course.

Summer School

Summer courses are available for students who need to make up courses or credits, or who want to take additional courses for graduation, enrichment or college preparation.

Course availability is based on teacher availability. Not all courses will be available, thus it is advisable to contact the INFINITY offices prior to enrollment.

If a student wishes to take an online course during summer school, or as part of an extended day, the local district may require the student/family to pay the full cost of tuition or other expenses. Check with your local school counselor for more information.

Technology Access

It is the responsibility of the student working outside the local school setting to have access to equipment that meets the minimum requirements. Students accessing their course from within a local school setting will need to work with the local school coordinators to arrange computer access.

Technical Support

If students encounter problems accessing their course, navigating the course, or other technical issues, they are encouraged to submit their question to the help desk discussion forum, located in the student sandbox, or contact the technical help desk support at 1-800-624-4072, ext. 8001.

Title VI/Title IX

INFINITY Online does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its educational programs or activities.