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Drop a Course

DROP Process:
Login to the Student Registration Application (www.mninfinity.org, choose LOGIN link at top) and login.
Once in the Student Registration Application, choose "MY CLASSLIST"
In your list of classes, click the trashcan in the course you wish to drop. 

Note: If you do not see a trashcan or your course is listed as PENDING, you will need to contact the helpdesk to remove this course request.

Next steps:
1. The student’s parent or guardian will receive a separate email with information regarding how to approve (or
deny) the drop/withdrawal request. (Note: if student is 18, parent is not required to approve the request.) 
2. The student’s counselor will verify the drop request to identify how this may affect the student’s graduation
3. Once both the parent and counselor have completed this verification process, the student will be dropped
from the course.

If you have questions about of the status of a drop/withdrawal request, please contact the Infinity Online
helpdesk at 800-624-4072, ext. 8001.